Sliding security grilles canada

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Sliding security grilles canada

Regarded by architects as the standard for quality and aesthetics, Dynaflair provides innovative design solutions to meet your most demanding challenges. Over one quarter of a million projects, we've set the benchmark for exceptional design, quality, innovation and customer service. Sliding grille and gate systems maximize storefront security in urban areas and city centers. Grilles deter theft and attempts at vandalism, providing a security investment which can lead to significantly reduced insurance premiums. Innovative security grilles (both side folding and roll up closures) for public spaces. Lots of design options, great support for architects. MobilFlex manufactures rolling grilles, rollup doors, overhead doors, rolling shutters, folding doors, sliding grilles, sidefolding grilles and sidefolding closures. MobilFlex makes various styles of security grilles, accordion doors, shopping mall doors, mall closures and folding gates. Metro Sliding Security Grilles provide uncompromising security against breakins, theft and vandalism. Our grilles protect stores, pharmacies, airports, banks, stadiums, schools, corridors and public access areas throughout America. Our sidefolding grilles boast the shortest stacking dimension of any grille available today, and feature a handsome clear anodized finish (standard) in a variety of patterns and optional colors. We also offer a line of upwardcoiling grilles. Constructed of aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel with optional electric motor. The Classic 126 is our only Sliding Grille available in a Stainless Steel# 4 finish. This design is also available in a variety of checkerboard patterns. Please view our website under Sentry for more details. Sentry Classic Sliding Grilles (AS525) These attractively patterned open style sliding grilles provide a high level of security for a. Our unique locking post with its ratchet lock mechanism, aluminum locking knobs and oversized key heads for ease of operation is clearly the best available on the market. Our track is heavier at the point where the roller makes contact which reduces roller wear and insures easy operation. Dynaflair provides Sliding Rolling Closure Grilles, Shutters, Minishutter, Cabinet Shutter, RollAway Partitions, Counter Top Enclosures. Exceptional design quality, innovation customer service. Sliding and Folding Security Grille. Sliding grille requires Minimal overhead clearance for the top, no floor track and Requires only 1 of ceiling clearance, Folding security grille can go around curves and corners and stack neatly into the side pocket. Choose from MobilFlex various styles of security sliding grilles, folding doors, sidefolding closures, storefront grills and accordion doors and partitions. Coiling Aluminum or Steel Grilles to Secure Areas Requiring Visual Access and Air Circulation. Open air model grilles provide security while allowing full visual access and air circulation. Full closure models provide visual access in most cases and enhanced security by preventing pilferage through openings. With over thirty years of experience servicing and installing sliding grille, Sliders Storefront manufacturing Inc. We continue to set our goals, as Canadas most trusted specialty door company.

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